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Zoom In… EKRIA's Moon: its esoteric reference and its meaning for EKRIA

Representing the brand is the EKRIA MOON, forming the logo for EKRIA.   EKRIA Moon signifies the inspirational source of the brand’s creation. The moon is a timeless celestial symbol, acting as a guiding light for humans on the Earth... Continue reading

Discover Indochine, EKRIA's new Spring/Summer collection

Primarily inspired by the hand-made, personal pieces worn by tribe members in the Indochine region, the aesthetics of each accessory is a raw, organic contrast to the laser-cut precision techniques of which it was made. It is impossible to imagine... Continue reading

Introducing EKRIA's permanent collection, Timeless

Timeless collection is the reference point for EKRIA, showcasing the brand’s heart and soul in the form of 28 outstanding pieces. Embracing minimalism in design at its purest form, Timeless acts as a ‘little black dress’ of jewellery. Effortlessly transitioning... Continue reading

Featured in… RED Magazine

  Discover Indochine earrings in yellow gold featured in the March 2017 issue of RED Magazine Indochine Earrings in yellow Gold plated Silver are perfect styled in a smart, sexy and comfortable look, perfect for a casual weekend. Shop Indochine... Continue reading